Situational Judgement Section (Sample)

Daniel, a senior doctor, recommends to a patient that the patient take a medication for her heart condition two times a day. However, when the senior doctor is called away on an emergency, the patient confides in an observing medical student, Jim, that she might only take the medication once a day because a friend of hers who is a doctor told her that research shows that once a day is better.

How appropriate is the following response by Jim in this situation?

Tell the patient that she should ask the ward reception whether she should take the medication once or twice a day.

 A.  A very appropriate thing to do

 B.  Appropriate, but not ideal

 C.  Inappropriate, but not awful

 D.  A very inappropriate thing to do

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Answer Box

Answer:  D.  A very inappropriate thing to do

Explanation:  The ward reception is not responsible for deciding details of treatments for patients.

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