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James Watson's Shops

James Watson owns the five UK shops listed in the table below. Each shop only accepts currency from the native country of the name of the shop. For example, one of his shops is called IndiaInUK and it only accepts money in Indian Rupees (INR). The shop called ChinaInUK only accepts currency in Chinese Yuan (CNY); for example, a TV in this shop costs 1300 Chinese Yuan.

IndiaInUK is offering a 20% discount on its listed prices. UKInUK is offering a 5% discount (plus a 2 pound charge) on its listed prices.  

Shops Owned by James Watson Listed Prices for Items (in native currency)
TV Mahogany Table Gold Necklace
IndiaInUK 9010 6650 5000
ChinaInUK 1300 420 620
MexicoInUK 2000 1140 980
AmericaInUK 200 150 110
UKInUK 95 70 50

1 Great Britain Pound (GBP) equals:

          85 Indian Rupees (INR)
          14 Chinese Yuan (CNY)
          20 Mexican Pesos (MXN)
          02 United States of America Dollars (USD)

What is the difference in the amount that a customer pays for a gold necklace in the AmericaInUK shop versus in the UKInUK shop?

 A.  3.7 pounds

 B.  2.6 pounds

 C.  2.5 pounds

 D.  5.5 pounds

 E.  1.9 pounds

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Answer Box

Answer:  D.  5.5 pounds


        AmericaInUK: 110 dollars x 1 pound/2 dollars = 55 pounds

        UKInUK: (50 pounds x 0.95) + 2 pounds = 49.5 pounds

        Difference: 55.0 - 49.5 = 5.5 pounds

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